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HL | SH 12 | HL 60-CE | HL 60-CE-L
Manual Handling Magnet

HL | SH 12 | HL 60-CE | HL 60-CE-L
Manual Handling Magnets

The SH (German) and HL magnets for manual handling are specially designed for handling your steel plates and sheet metal parts with sharp corners after cutting. The magnetic carrier HL 60-CE | HL 60-CE-L is magnetized and demagnetized at the push of a button, but holds like a permanent magnet. Operating option (Control) HL 60-CE-L including extended handle bar on the arm.

Application Areas :

Heat resistance up to 80°C for handling small sharp-edged, oily and hot sheet metal parts, burn cuts or metal sheets. In machinery manufacturing, workshops, steel mills, shipbuilding, metalworking and laser cutting machines, transport enterprises or material storage areas

The Ace for Metal

Solutions and tools for stationary and
mobile metalworking.

Features HL | SH 12:
    • For sheets with sheet thickness starting from 2 mm
    • Horizontal or vertical transport
    • Very flat magnetic field specially developed for metal sheets
    • Mechanical release by pressing the hand latch
Optional Features:
  • Fast handling of sharp corners or hot metals
  • Electrical compression and release at the touch of a button
  • Remains extremely clean after use, leaving no particles, dirt or sawdust
  • Ability to use on/off up to 1000 times with a single battery charge
Scope of delivery HL 60-CE | HL 60 CE-L:
    • Two batteries
    • Charger

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