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Electropermanent Crimp Seat

EPM Radial
Electropermanent Crimp Seat

The Assfalg electropermanent clamping seat is the ideal solution for symmetrical and form-fit clamping of parts larger than 400 mm. It is applied by placing the center in the central passage hole. Thanks to the pole extensions, machining parts with uneven surfaces can be easily machined without distorting the form.

Areas of Use :
  • Universally for ferromagnetic (ferrous) workpieces on lathes and milling machines, grinding, drilling processes
  • Ideal for bearing race, shaft collar and hard machining processes
The Ace for Metal

Solutions and tools for stationary and
mobile metalworking.

Professional Advantages :
  • Fast clamping of the workpiece with extremely short preparation and set-up time
  • 5 axis machining by clamping the workpiece from a single surface
  • With the help of extension poles, it is possible to clamp and clamp machining parts with uneven surfaces and castings without distorting the form (thus avoiding scratches on the workpiece)
  • The magnetic table is not damaged during the process as the workpiece can be connected in a high position with the help of pole extensions
  • Possibility to adjust the magnetic clamping force for fine workpieces or to regulate the clamping force moderately in general
EPM RADIAL EPMradial teknik
Standard Specifications:
  • Extremely high permanent magnetic clamping force activated in seconds
  • Central through holes or quick-clamping groove assemblies for fixing on the machine table
  • Possibility to connect magnetic table and control unit with special wired bayonet connection or fixed wired swivel connector
Optional Features:
  • The magnetic table is optionally supplied with T-slots so that additional stops can be easily fixed
  • See accessories on page 15 for control unit and pole extensions

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